A look inside Jenny Bhatt’s Psychedelic and Spiritual Artworks!

Word Of Mouth

Feeling down and out? How about a shot of Moksha, accompanied by a splash of colour and a liberal dose of humour?

The latest series of unique artworks by artist, writer and humorist Jenny Bhatt  bring together painting, digital interactivity and art objects. Using vibrant hues and tongue-in-cheek designs, her series of multimedia MokshaShots are truly a drink of the sublime. And you can not only frame and hang them, read them and download them, you can also wear them as T-shirts.


The Heart of the Matter

Based in Mumbai, Jenny started her career at a digital studio in the early 90s. Later on she moved on to be an exhibiting artist, though once her mother fell ill, she decided to start working from home. Jenny is quick to add that her mother’s illness was a major influence on her work … the anxiety was constant. She started practicing meditation as a way to relieve stress. And she started delving into philosophy. And this is why reflections of Hindu and Buddhist philosophies, trance music, pop art, and even quantum physics can be seen in her works.

Jenny believes humour is a large part of an individual’s artistic voice and she wanted to explore it further in the form of digitally interactive media. This was when MokshaShots was born.

Image Caption: Nostalgia Mandala/Jenny Bhatt


The series is an irreverent look at finding salvation in the moment, in contemporary culture. For instance, a piece called Nostalgia Mandala has the spiritual symbol of the Mandala illustrated with images from her childhood: The Old Woman Who Lived In a Shoe, Phantom sweet cigarettes, paper planes and floppy disks. The E-commerce Mandala has a mobile phone, a smartwatch … you get the picture. Each of the paintings has a sublimely ironic take on popular consumerism and how trends generally look Westwards for approval, before reclaiming our own Eastern icons. Yoga, Meditation, Salvation — these are things, she says, that regained popularity with hipster India after they gained currency in the West.

Best Foot Forward

Jenny’s work has been auctioned at Christie’s, exhibited at Jehangir Art Gallery, and she’s had more than a dozen solo shows, not to mention group shows, around the world; her work has been exhibited in Australia, the UK, The Netherlands, the US and, of course, online.

Image Caption: MokshaBuy Mandala/Jenny Bhatt


If you’re interested in the works of Jenny Bhatt and want to get your hands on some of her artworks, here’s a heads up! Firstly, there are 5 deities, or the ‘MokshaPets’, that make up the MokshaShots. They are: MokshaBuy, the consumer goddess; Mokshasura, the god of necessary evils; MokshaGuru, the god of self-righteousness; MokshaBrat, the politically incorrect ‘fun’ guru; and MokshaBum, the thinker and armchair philosopher.

Image Caption: Gulpasana – where MokshaBuy is gulping it all down/Jenny Bhatt


Moksha Shots is also a comic now and it’s as punchy as you’d expect. You can get your hands on that without a second thought. Then there are the mandalas and also cheeky pieces of modified everyday items that fit right in, such as the furry brass Moksha vessel and funky Moksha slippers with eyeballs that watch your every move. And just like Moksha is a global concept, T-Shirts designed by Jenny can now be shipped anywhere in the world, as can her quirky 3D objets d’art.

First Hand

Online: To chase some MokshaShots visit http://www.jennybhatt.com/recent.htm and you have to follow her instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/jennybhatt.art/

Purchase: The comic book is available on both Flipkart and Amazon. If you’ve got your sights set higher, currently a few original artworks as well as prints are available for sale online at Saatchi Art and Artsy, but do email the artist if something on her website catches your fancy.

Contact: jennybhatt@gmail.com

Image Credit: MokshaBeat/Jenny Bhatt


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