A look inside Jenny Bhatt’s Psychedelic and Spiritual Artworks!


Well, if innovative and unique artworks are something that interests you, Mokshashots by Jenny Bhatt deserve your attention. This latest series of unique artworks by Jenny Bhatt (artist, writer and humorist all rolled in one) bring together painting, digital interactivity and art objects. Using a splash of vibrant colours and interesting designs, and being available as paintings, wall hangings as well as T-shirts, Mokshashots is truly a taste of the sublime.


Based in Mumbai Maharashtra, Jenny started her career at a digital studio in the early nineties. Later on she moved on to be an exhibiting artist, though she decided to start working from home once her mother fell ill. Jenny says that her mother’s illness had had a major influence in her work as it kept her anxious all the time. As a result, she started indulging in meditation and looked at it as a way to relieve stress, playing a major role in enhancing her creativity. Additionally, reflections of Hindu (the name Moksha itself) and Buddhist philosophies, trance music and even quantum physics can be seen in her collection.

She then started the ‘T-Shirt Project’ by filtering the art world of its arrogance, artifice and lack of transparency. Jenny believes humour is a large part of an individual’s artistic voice and she wanted to further discover it in her work, in the form of digital interactive work. This was when MokshaShots was born.


If you’re interested in the works of Jenny Bhatt and want to get your hands on some of her artworks, here’s a heads up! Firstly, there are 5 deities, or the ‘MokshaPets’, that make up the MokshaShots. They are MokshaBuy: The Consumer Goddess, MoskaSura: The God of Necessary Evils, MokshaGuru: The God of Self-Righteousness, MokshaBrat: The politically incorrect ‘fun’ Guru and MokshaBum- ‘The Thinker and Armchair Philisopher’.

You’d be happy to know that the T-Shirts designed by Jenny can now be shipped to anywhere in the world. What’s more, her team never ceases to produce new designs, which is perhaps why she has such a diverse collection.


To catch a better look at what Jenny’s MokshaShots provides to their customers, visit: http://www.jennybhatt.com/recent.htm

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