Accomable: Making Travelling for the Disabled a Lot Easier.


For people facing some form of physical disability, traveling anywhere can become quite a chore. From making sure that the services being provided are friendly to disabled people to ensuring that the surroundings are easily adaptable, finding the right accommodation while traveling becomes a top priority for people with special needs. Well, with Accomable, things just got a lot easier! Accomable is an online service that helps people with mobility problems easily find accessible holiday properties. With currently featuring around 120 property listings spanning across 14 countries, Accomable is the ideal place to visit for people with physical disabilities. Interestingly, Accomable does all this by serving as an advertising platform that acts as a bridge between those advertising and those seeking accommodation.


Srin Madipalli and Martyn Sibley, the founders of Accomable, met each other for the first time as children in a support group. The former editors of ‘Disability Horizons’ have something in common; they both suffer from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Despite suffering from this serious ailment, the two of them never let it limit their desires of traveling and exploring the world. While the two friends continued to visit new places, they were often disappointed with the limitations of different hotels and resorts that made it difficult for them to find proper accommodation. The two friends started wondering how easy it would be if there was a place that would list all places that are friendly to disabled people. And so Accomable was born! Madipalli was so driven to make this idea into a reality that he did an MBA from Oxford University and even taught himself how to code. All this gloriously paid off when Accomable’s prototype went live in April 2015, with the site officially launching in June.


Now if you happen to someone, or know someone, who is suffering from some sort of physical disability and who is planning to travel soon, here are a few heads up you should keep in mind. Keeping the needs of the physically disabled in mind, Accomable offers accommodations that cover multiple parameters such as step-free access to a bedroom, step-free access to a bathroom, roll in shower and grab rails in the bathroom. Additionally, they also cover accommodations that offer different facilities for visually impaired individuals as well as those individuals that suffer from a hearing impairment.


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