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Though you must have heard and tried many different types of rums, did you ever hear about rum that is bottled with a blend of art and science? Well, with the science of innovative waste reclamation and the art of distillation, Don Q Rum is one of the cleanest and greenest spirits in the whole industry. The natural components, river water and artistic making, makes this rum stand above all. Don’t compare this one with its ordinary counterparts as it is guaranteed to take you on the smoothest rum trip you’ve ever had.


The story actually started in 1820 when Juan Sebastian Serrallés settled in Puerto Rico and started his own sugarcane plantation. Afterwards, his heritage was taken forward by his son Don Juan Serralles. It was in the year 1865, when Don first produced rum using an imported copper pot from France. The family had exclusive rights to the river Río Inabón and that became the primary water source for their rum. You’d be surprised to know that this rum was actually named after the famous literary character Don Quixote from the classic ‘The Adventures of Don Quixote’. Don made its first sale in the same year and that’s when the legacy hit off. The rest, as they say, is history.


Don Q Rum is certain to be the most distilled rum you will ever taste in your lifetime. They have won the title of being the No.1 Rum in Puerto Rico (considered to be the land of rum!) because of their artistic transformation process that converts natural substances into a high quality drink. Though you must have heard alcohol is made using unhealthy substances, Don Q proves to be a delicious exception!


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