Arvind Gupta: Spreading Joy by Making Toys!


All of us are guilty of throwing out broken, unused or unwanted things as trash, without giving them any extra thought. What if I told you that you could actually reuse, reduce and recycle these pieces of ‘trash’ to create new and innovative toys? Well, that is exactly what Arvind Gupta excels at as he has made numerous toys by simply using discarded trash. Gupta has uploaded multiple videos and tutorials on his website that teach kids how they could make these innovative toys using cheap and recyclable household items.  In short, Arvind Gupta is our very own Santa Clause.


A graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in the 1970’s, Arvind Gupta decided to take up social service by teaching those children who didn’t have any opportunities and came from poor backgrounds. It was during his participation in the Hoshangabad Science Teaching Programme in 1978, that he developed the idea of creating toys using materials that were thrown out by others as trash. To his pleasant surprise, Gupta discovered that the toys he created by recycling items were loved by children. He then decided to use these toys as the hallmark of his movement of popularizing science.


For all those who are amazed by Arvind Gupta’s innovative way of making toys, here’s a heads up. If you go to Gupta’s website, you’ll see all his toys divided into 24 categories such as ‘Paper Fun’, ‘Pumps from the Dump’, ‘Toys from Trash’, ‘Flying Toys’ and many more. All his tutorials and videos are available for free and come with no copyright restrictions of any kind whatsoever.

You need to keep in mind that Arvind’s toys are not for sale and can’t be found in any toyshop, this is mostly because he wants kids to learn how to make these themselves and, by extension, learn more about science.


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