Bathroom Singers Find a Stage

The Constant

Let’s admit it. Most of us sing in the shower. The sound of the water is the perfect backdrop to our off-key warbles and the acoustics of the tiles make even the most high pitched wailing sound rather musical. Some of us also harbor dreams of taking that singing out of the bathroom, but like most dreams, they remain just dreams. Well, here’s a way to give life to them. From Mug to Mike is a platform for aspiring singers that will not only give you honest feedback on your singing but will also equip you with the knowledge and training to make vocal music a larger part of your life.

The Story

From Mug to Mike is the brainchild of Bangalore-based Sunil Koshy, an engineer with a passion for music and singing. It was founded in 2013 with the help of his wife, Archana Hallikeri, with the aim of providing a way for people to take their singing out of the bathroom and into the world.

Koshy is an accomplished singer. In 2012, he won an award for Reboot, India’s first audio film which he created and sang for. Reboot is Koshy’s take on the life of a software engineer – from his first day in college to his first day in the US. Koshy himself took a sabbatical from his job to acquire all the training he could in music and now wants to encourage others to realize their dreams of performing on stage. He now sings in most Indian languages and has recorded many songs for movies and TV serials.

From Mug to Mike is aimed at everyone – housewives, children, the elderly, and especially at those who harbor a passion for singing but are stuck in their 9 to 5 jobs with no way to realize their passions. Their workshops are designed to fit into a busy lifestyle and only those who are really, really good are encouraged to take up the intensive workshops which are, let’s face it, quite time consuming in order to get you ready for performing on the stage.

The Real Deal

The workshops at From Mug to Mike are split into three levels. The Primer level, which is only a day-long workshop will be like a litmus test for the bathroom singer in you. You will go to the workshop prepared with a song and after an introduction to professional singing, you will get the opportunity to perform that song in a professional recording studio. The recording of your song, along with a detailed constructive feedback, will be sent to you after the workshop.

Unless you really can’t hold a tune, you will be encouraged to join the level 2 workshop or the Advanced level where you’ll be taught voice and breathing exercises. This is also a day long workshop which will teach you the basics of traditional singing and tips and tricks of professional singing.

The third level workshop is conducted on weekends over a two month period. This is the real deal and at the end of this workshop, you’ll have acquired the skills which take months to learn in traditional music schools. You’ll be taught the nuances of voice modulation, film singing, studio recording – in short, all the things that traditional music schools don’t really clue you in on. At the end of this workshop, you will be encouraged to perform on stage – that’s how ready they’ll get you for your new career in music.

They conduct workshops in various cities and tie up with high-end recording studios for this. They also have famous vocalists like Hariharan and Chittra tied to their cause and these professionals take the occasional class to give valuable training to aspiring singers.


 If you think you have it in you to graduate from the mug to the mike or you just want to know where you stand in the scheme of musical things, then take the Primer level with From Mug to Mike, hear your own undiluted voice and get feedback.



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