Brew in class with Ratio Eight Coffee Maker


Treat yourself with a café like coffee at home by simply brewing it in Ratio Eight. Unlike other ordinary coffee makers, Ratio Eight is made using some fancy materials like metal, ceramic, glass and wood, which is hand assembled in Portland for perfection.So, for all those who prefer a high quality appliance that is also pleasing to the eye, Ratio Eight is a perfect fit.

Ratio Eight evicts the coffee making complication from your life with the help of its one button process. This machine understands your multi-tasking attitude and takes all the responsibility from start to finish of brewing your coffee so that you can carry on with your other work. The white lights in front will indicate the different stages of process, in case you want to keep a track.

All in all, Ratio Eight neither looks like an ordinary coffee maker, nor works like one!


Mark was a popular student in his college solely because of the special coffee he brewed. He would regularly bring coffee beans from Portland and make coffee in his dorm room for his companions. Fuelled by the appreciation of all his mates, what initially started as a simple hobby later became an ambition. Once while shopping for a coffee maker, he realised that there is nothing different available in the markets, everywhere he could only see dull and boring plastic models. That’s when he thought of makinga coffee maker that excels in terms of looks, materials and amazing brew.


Apart from its excellent looks, Ratio eight can provide you with some high quality brew in the simplest way possible.You are even free from the confusion of deciding the water ratios, because this machine is self-sufficient for all of it.

Ratio Eight uses a magnet to detect if its custom carafe is in place and fits in with its Able Kone metal filters and chemex paper (whichever is applicable).

This coffee maker is also a saviour when you have guests at home because it brews 40 oz coffee at once and the quality doesn’t decrease with quantity. All you need to do to turn on that brewing cycle is simply click one button and you’re done! Unlike other coffee machines that struggle for the right temperature, Ratio Eight comes equipped with powerful heating elements so as to set up the appropriate temperature itself.


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