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Here is a machine that is about to give all bar owners in your city a serious run for their money. Known as Zymatic, this home ware appliance will let you brew your own beer without making you go through any of the traditional limitations that come with brewing beer at home. What makes it even more special; however, is the cloud based technology that it comes equipped with. You can access recipe crafters and libraries online and can even pull these recipes from the cloud to your machine. Additionally, the crafter comes equipped with an AI that will fill in ingredients according to your taste preferences. All in all, Zymatic is your own personal bartender readily available at your beck and call.


Zymatic is the invention of Picobrew, a Seattle based startup.  In 2010, brothers Bill and Jim Mitchell were completely frustrated with all the limitations that they had to face while homebrewing. This led them to start thinking of a new brewing process that would make things easier for everyone. As Jim was a food chemist and physicist, he wanted to make the process of beer brewing a more controlled one. His brother Bill had enough experience in building software and appliances to know that his brother’s vision was actually possible. They joined hands with engineer Avi Geiger and, in 2014, Zymatic was born.


I’m certain the beer lover in you is just dying to get his hands on this appliance so here are a few tips to keep in mind before purchasing it. Firstly, the initial steps of using Zymatic (including the mashing) will approximately take around three hours. This will be followed by days or even weeks of the fermenting process. How long the fermenting process takes will be completely depended on the recipe being used.

Do keep in mind that the machine does not include the 5 gallon keg, as that is sold separately for a further $100.00


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