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If you’re looking for a place to buy used and antique furniture at economical prices, look no further than Zefo. It is an online portal and marketplace for used-furniture where sellers can give away their old furniture and buyers can purchase them for economical prices. Operating in Bangalore, Zefo also takes care of the daunting task of transporting heavy pieces of furniture by delivering it right at your doorstep, truly making it the best place to get furniture at.


Zefo actually stands for Zero Effort and that’s exactly what the vision was behind its foundation. Zefo is the creation of 4 young graduations – Rohit Ramasubramanian, Himesh Joshil, Karan Gupta (all from IIT) and Arjit Gupta (an IIIT graduate). The young lads wanted to create a place where people could buy and sell furniture putting in the least ammount of effort possible. And that’s exactly what they did! At Zefo, users can buy and sell a variety of furniture including sofas, beds, tables, chair, antiques and a lot more without any effort.


The very first heads up (and perhaps limitation) that you should be aware of is that, as of now, Zefo is only functional in Bangalore, though by next year it has plans of expanding to at least three more cities. The good news, however, is that for people in Bangalore, Zefo will get furniture delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours! Each item available on Zefo comes with verified photographs and detailed assessments to help you make an informed purchase.

All items of furniture available on Zefo are classified in four different categories – Like New, Gently Used, Well Used and Unboxed. Like New means near mint condition. These pieces of furniture have absolutely no signs of wear and tear and could altogether be considered as brand new. Gently Used is how you can label the majority of furniture on Zefo. As the name suggests, these pieces of furniture are in great condition but show a few signs of previous use. Well Used furniture, though being completely functional, show obvious signs of wear and tear. And lastly, there are unboxed pieces of furniture which, as the name suggests, are unused and in mint-condition.


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