Camping with your pet? Woof, that’s music to our ears!


No concrete roofs, no plush bed, not a bathtub in sight … but, camping is very much the flavor du jour for urban Indians, and with good reason. Great planning and superb destinations are mushrooming up for concrete jungle dwellers who want to really engage with nature and leave their ordinary lives behind for a bit.

Just 140 kilometres from Delhi, Kerry Adventures has a lakeside campground where you can spend the night under the stars, participate in adventure sports, go boating, trekking, mingle with fellow campers, listen to live acoustic music, or just unwind. And the best part? You can take your pets with you! Welcome to the Gig Night Camp with Pets!

The heart of it
It’s a one-of-a-kind camp, done right. According to the co-founders, they provide an experience that was missing in the camping experiences already on offer. And there’s no doubt the smorgasboard of activity choices outdoes their competitors. There is, of course, the mandatory campfire and barbecue at night; there is optional boating in the lake, yoga in the morning, and music — lots of live, acoustic music.

But, then there are also things like zip lining, tyre wall climbing, rock climbing, treks, along with the fellowship of social pooches who have accompanied their human parents!

You can choose to arrange your own food and beverages, as well as your pet’s, but the campsite can also cater vegetarian or non-vegetarian food for the humans, on request.

Two types of tents are available. You can chose a regular dome camping tents, the kinds that are pitched temporarily when you think of going camping in the wilderness or you can go with a Swiss cottage size tent for more space.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of amenities so you won’t be roughing it out … too much!

Gig Night started as a jam session for music lovers, but the co-founders of Kerry Adventures thought to expand it to the great outdoors. Why not make camping more musical with great artists playing guitar and singing, while campers take a turn on the dance floor of nature?

Previous musical camps have gone so well, the organizers decided to let pets join in the fun for the next one. So do away with the guilt if you’re a pet parent who never knows where to leave the four-legged family and bring them along! And if you don’t have a pet but love animals, what better way to enjoy their company without the responsibility? It’s a win-win for all, we say!

Suggested itinerary:

  • Day 01 – 24/3/2018:
    17:00 hours: Reach the campsite and explore
    19:00 hours: Attend a short movie screening
    21:00 hours: Join in for the live band performance around the campfire
    23:00 hours: Eat at the barbecue dinner
    00:00 hours: Enjoy a post-dinner jam session
  • Day 02 – 25/3/2018:
    08:00 hours: Step out of the tent for tea/coffee
    30 hours: Get moving with a yoga session or trek in the Aravali foothills
    10:30 hours: Pack up your possessions and your pet’s, promise to return soon.

Zoom in

The next Pet Gig Night Camp is on March 24. We recommend you stay the night, but you can also just go for a day.

Cost: Humans can stay in dome tents at Rs 2,400 per person or Swiss tents at Rs 2,550 per person. Pets stay at Rs 500 per pet.

Booking: Contact Ryan Dalton +91 9811588399 or Philson Philip +91 9008597574 to reserve a spot and check out food options. UniQverse readers can also get special group or family packages.


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