Caribbean Rum you simply can’t refuse!


With rum being the flavour of all seasons, won’t it be great to taste one with a unique combination of different flavours? Well, that’s exactly what Afrohead is all about. This 7 year old premium aged dark rum has an intoxicating aroma that is rich with fragrances of sugar, honey and vanilla. When it comes to flavour, caramel, vanilla, black pepper, dried fruits, oak and a touch of bourbon are bound to tantalize your taste buds. With the rush of caramelized sweetness and the teasing taste of cinnamon heat around the edges of your tongue, Afrohead is certain to give you an experience you aren’t going to forget anytime soon.


Born in West Indies, the story behind Afrohead’s creation begins in 2008 in a place called The Landing Guest House and Restaurant located in Harbour Island. The owner of that place, Joe Farrell, started selling rum brewed by rum savant Tony Tyler casually to his guests as an in-house brand. The rum, that was without a name at that time, was sold in a bottle with an afro headed lady on it. This logo was partly used to pay tribute to Bahamian culture and women, in particular the first Miss Bahamas from 1963. Gradually, this rum started developing a reputation as the “Afrohead Rum”, with requests from customers to take bottles home.  From that modest start, Afrohead Rum is now quickly emerging as one of the best premium rums that one can have anywhere in the world.


Anyone interested in getting a taste of this exotic rum, here is a heads up. Firstly, you need not worry about the quality of raw materials used to blend this rum as it is made using rich sugarcane molasses that is sourced from the Dominican Republic. The fermentation process uses a 100-year old yeast strand from the Trinidad to flavour the rum with a banana and toffee base. The rum is distilled up to five times and then blended with other aged rums to remove impurities and prevent extraction of taste. It is then aged in once-used Bourbon oak barrels and finally hand bottled in Barbados.

It’s our recommendation that Afrohead Rum is best served either neat or on the rocks! To get yourself a bottle, you can log on to either or


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