Charge your Gadgets on the Go with Levo!


All frequent flyers out there who are required to board flights at odd hours or a moment’s notice, pay close attention! There is a luggage tray by Levo that is about to make things a lot easier. Featuring two USB charging ports, Lego’s luggage tray is virtually a walking power station that you can use to charge multiple gadgets such as your tablet, smartphone, speakers or headphones. Now with Levo’s luggage tray, your smartphone or iPad’s battery running out while travelling is no longer a possibility!


Like all products from Levo, this luggage tray too is a creation of The Levo Store, a company owned by Dave and Nan Simon. You’d be surprised to know that the initial company that Dan had founded in 1988 was actually a pet store that sold speciality pet items. It wasn’t until later in 1998 that they started expanding their catalogue to include other products like book holders, tablet accessories and, of course, this highly useful luggage tray.


So, if you’ve got a few flights scheduled around the corner and have regularly faced difficulties maintaining the battery of your gadgets, here’s a heads up. Firstly, using Levo’s luggage tray is pretty easy as it quickly snaps into place on your luggage’s pull bars. It’s pretty durable as well as it can hold up to three pounds of weigh. To remove or collapse this luggage tray, all you have to do is just quickly squeeze its clamp and it will remove or collapse in less than five seconds. Alternatively, you can just leave it attached to your carry-on, make your way towards your seat and then remove and place it in your seat’s pouch.

The battery pack you get with Levo’s luggage tray is removable as well. As it’s 3 x 3 x .8 inches in size, this battery pack can easily fit in your pocket or a small bag, making it possible for you to carry it around and use it as a portable charger.


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Contact No.: 1-800-928-2322

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Category: Travel Accessory

Operating Hours: Not Applicable

Cost: $60.00


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