Do the Uptown Funk with Sabotage Sneakers


Be it our clothes or our hairstyle, we are always trying out different things, aren’t we? So, why should the shoes adorning our feet always be those same staple ones? Well, if you’ve been looking for trying out something new and unique vis-a-vis your footwear, your search is now over. SBTG is a custom shoe brand started by world famous shoe painter Mark Ong Sabotage. The shoes designed by him are considered as one of the most finished and funky painted shoes in the world. Whether you are a dancer or an art lover, you are bound to fall in love with these out of the box designs.


The beginning of Mark’s career is as crazy as his work. Always enthusiastic about sneakers and funky designs, Mark started collecting worn out skateboarding shoes to paint them using the colours of his own imagination. Though he never thought of pursuing this art form as a career, winning the first prize at Nike’s International Sneaker Customization Competition helped him see his potential.  Shortly after that, a store from Tokyo called him for an order of 72 pairs of shoes.  It was at this time that Sabotage got created as a result of collaboration with designing company Royalefam.


The custom shoe designs by Sabotage are a great mix of skateboarding, punk music, hard rock, metal, camouflage, horror movies and much more. His designs are something that one cannot get simply by walking into any store. It’s especially made for the special ones!


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