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If you’ve gotten tired of getting inaccurate measurements while using a measuring tape, this little gadget certainly deserves your attention. eTape is a measuring tape that actually displays the measurements you are taking on a digital screen. Convenient isn’t it? Additionally, you even get the options of saving your measurements simply through the touch of a button, converting your measurements from one unit to another (inches to centimetres), getting them in fractions or decimals and the ability to calculate the midpoints of your measurements.


eTape is the creation of Stephen Crane, an MIT graduate. Having been the inventor of the original digital tape, Stephen was constantly thinking of engineering something that would function in much better way and would be loaded with more features. This thought was further fuelled when the idea for eTape came to Stephen while he was working at a foreign shipyard. While working, he required the use of both metric as well as imperial measurements which a traditional tape simply couldn’t make. Even though he had an experienced staff, the difficulty of getting the right measurements in the right units was affective his work’s efficiency. So, motivated by this experience, Stephen decided to pursue a number of successful industry leaders to create a digital tape that could measure and convert the measurements that one would take.


eTape comes loaded with  multiple features that are certain to make measuring anything an easier process. For starters, it comes equipped with Dual Memory. Pressing either the M1 or M2 buttons for just one second will select and store the measurement one takes in that memory and, as such, will reflect the same on the display. One does not have to worry about the durability of eTape as it comes enclosed in a polycarbonate case. One can easily measure long distances with eTape thanks to the 16 feet long tape enclosed within.


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