Food, Circus and Theatre at Queen of the Night!


I’m sure you’ve been to most of the well known restaurants in your city and certainly you’ve also seen your fair share of musicals, but have you ever been to a place that actually serves you an exotic concoction of the two? That’s exactly what Queen of the Night offers! From flamboyant performers interacting with you in interesting ways to athletic acrobats performing amazing stunts right in front of your while you happily enjoy your feast, Queen of the Night an invasive theatre experience in New York City unlike anything else.


Queen of the Night is the creation of nightlife impresario Randy Weiner. Using the old and ordinary Diamond Horseshoe Nightclub (located right below the famous Paramount Hotel), Weiner has created something absolutely unique and wonderful, a place where you can enjoy food and drinks while becoming a part of an interactive musical circus! Having a large cast of 33 trained performers, Queen of the Night is directed by Tony winning set designer Christine Jones. Jones, whose credits include American Idiot on Broadway, borrows themes from Mozart’s The Magic Flute while also using circus elements to make things more colourful and unique.


For all those living in or planning to visit New York who have also gotten a little interested in experiencing The Queen of the Night, here’s a heads up. Firstly, Queen of the Night hates Mondays as much as you and I do, so don’t plan any visits on that day. Secondly, we recommend you definitely try out any one of their three theatrical main dishes: a roast suckling pig placed down the table while still being on the split, chunky beef rips placed on a rustic wooden platter and, of course, their exotic lobster. For vegetarians, we recommend their classic mushroom risotto.


The Diamond Horseshoe Nightclub is located on West 47th street in Manhattan. The easiest way to reach here is to take a subway to the Rockefeller Center station on the IND Sixth Avenue Line. From there, just walk your way to the Paramount Hotel and the Diamond Nightclub would be waiting right below.

Address: 235 West 46th Street, Manhattan, New York, 10036

Category: Show – Theatre

Nearest Public Transport: Rockefeller Center station on the IND Sixth Avenue Line

Contact No: 212-706-7448

Email Id:  

Operating Hours:  7:30 PM – 10:30 PM (Tuesdays – Sundays)

Cost: $160.00 – $195.00 per person. Premium tickets for $230.00 – $550.00


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