Fundawear – Future of foreplay for long distance lovers!


Are you in a long distance relationship? If yes, then I can understand how much you miss all the action. Though I am sure that love is still in the air, the moments of intimacy is something you miss, right? Well, this is why Durex has come up with this amazing and unique product to bring the foreplay back in your relationship, even when your beloved partner is far away from you. Known as Fundawear, this is a special sort of technology based innerwear that is available for both men and women and is controlled via a smartphone application. Basically, all you have to do is wear it and your partner will operate it through an app that shows the body’s diagram. Anytime your partner touches anywhere on this diagram, the app will transfer his or her touch to your Fundawear, even if you happen to be miles away. The only difference between Fundawear’s foreplay style and the natural one is that the process involves wearing clothes instead of removing them.


Durex has always been the major brand to promote physical intimacy between couples in a safe yet exciting manner. Be it their condoms, vibrators or any other product, youngsters have always admired Durex for enhancing the experience of physical intimacy. Fundawear happens to be one such product. It came into picture when the brand decided to enter the world of wearable technology. Not an ordinary innovation, Fundawear is something which will soon change the way long distance couples look at intimacy.


If you have become all excited about this product after reading about its unique features, let me give you a few heads up. Though Fundawear has created a lot of buzz around the world, it is currently only available in the Australian market. Also, you can only enjoy Fundawear if you are an iOS user because its app is exclusively made for iPhones and iPads. Remember, Fundawear is much more fun if both the partners are wearing it at the same time and are connected on a video call. After all, virtual is the new actual.


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