Get Clothes and Accessories Infused with LED lights at CuteCircuit!


If you’ve seen Tron or Step Up 3, you won’t be surprised to know about clothes and accessories that come equipped with LED lights. In this day and age of technology, where smartphones, gaming consoles and social networking rule the populace, it only seems fitting that the world of fashion too got a modern upgrade. Well, luckily for all the fashionistas out there, that is exactly what CuteCircuit has done by integrating fashion and technology in a unique and fascinating way. They have created ready to wear LED light-up skirts, blazers, evening dresses and clutches that are certain to make you the highlight of the party (pun intended!).


CuteCircuit was launched by Francesca Rosella and Ryan Genz, with their primary vision being that of marrying technology with fashion. The story behind its origin dates back to 1998, when Francesca was working as a designer at Valentino. Back then, she made a proposal to make an evening gown that was embroidered using electroluminescent threads. These threads would light up whenever the wearer made any movement. As this was a time before the influx of smartphones and social media, Rosella and Genz faced a lot of opposition for their dream. After all, the fashion world at that time was apprehensive about any idea that integrated fashion with technology. As discouraging as the opposition was, Rosella and Genz did not let it deter them and, in 2004, made their visions a reality.


If you’re interested in trying out clothes and accessories from CuteCircuit, then here’s a heads up! Firstly, all of the garments by CuteCircuit are designed in London and manufactured in Italy, the UK or the USA only using materials of the highest quality. All these clothes and accessories are designed using Patented CuteCircuit technology. You should know that this technology is 100% RoHS compliant, meaning that absolutely no hazardous substances (such as lead or mercury) are present in these clothes or accessories. Additionally, the textiles used to make these clothes also happen to be Oeko Tex certified.

You should know that all of CuteCircuit’s products are highly sustainable as they are always updatable through the mobile app available for iOS. Additionally, the garment’ micro-electronics are also designed as a modular system that makes it easier to recycle. It’s not surprising then to see CuteCircuit offer a “Return for Recycling” option to all of its customers that lets them return any used CuteCircuit item to get a discount on new purchases.


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