Go Out of the Box with Okan Uckun’s Mesmerizing Tattoos!


Though we all tend to look for uniqueness whenever it comes to getting a tattoo, we usually end up with something common. Well, not when you get your tattoo done from Okan Uckun! Choose any concept you would like to get inked on your body and then simply leave it to Okan, as he will transform a common design into a piece of original art with minimal geometrical hints on it. Known as a minimalistic conceptual tattoo artist, his work is way beyond just that. Okan’s blackwork tattoos in geometrical shapes, whether they are lines, dots or circles, are an example of pure art! By mixing minimal, conceptual, contemporary and modern art together, Okan sets a new standard for tattoo artists.


While pursuing Fine Arts as his major, Okan started tattooing his artwork on different canvases like trees, walls, floors etc. Okan felt that tattooing his artwork on surfaces that move around and stay alive was a much more exciting experience than tattooing it on a lifeless canvas. And that’s when his work got shifted from canvases to human skin. And since then, there has been no looking back!


Okan Uckun has a different way of expressing his art – with the help of mathematics. He has taken inspiration from minimal and conceptual art and, as such, has defined the same things in different and unique ways through his tattoo designs. His motto is to represent the so called minimal art in an extraordinary way so that no one calls it just that. His talent is to find something distinctive in every design and this is why every tattoo that is made by him speaks a different story. Though Okan keeps travelling the world to showcase his artistic work, his den is in Istanbul. If you wish to meet him to get a tattoo made, you need to take a prior appointment.

So, if you think beyond infinity, get it inked on your body from Okan Uckun!


If you are planning to get inked from Okan Uckun, the first thing to do is to book your flight to Istanbul. After landing at Istanbul’s airport, just take a taxi to 21 Miralay Nazım Sk and you’ll reach your destination.

Address: – 21 Miralay Nazım Sk, İstanbul, 34200

Web Address: – http://www.okanuckun.com/

Category: – Tattoo Artist

Contact: – 0 (216) 337 7718

Operating Hours: Not Applicable

Cost: Available on request

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