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They say that necessity is the mother of all inventions. Well, tell that to Dutch artist Dan Roosergarde and he is certain to disagree with you, what with his studio being a social design lab for interactive art, fashion and architecture. To his credit, Dan has created some fascinating inventions such as a glowing bicycle path in Netherlands (coated with special paint that uses energy gathered during the day), smog free open towers that clean the smog out of the air (also available as gemstones to be made into pieces of jewellery) and postage stamps that show different parts of Netherlands as seen from space. When it comes to innovative and unique projects, Studio Roosergarde has no match.


Found in 2006, Studio Roosergarde is based in the cities of Rotterdam and Shanghai and is the brain child of Dan Roosergarde. A graduate of the Institute of the Arts in Arnhem (1999), the Academy of Fine Arts in Enschede (2003) and the Berlarge Institute in Rotterdam (2005), Roosergarde used his skill set and imagination to create projects that would be innovative, interactive and effective in every way. No wonder then that he was selected as the Artist of the Year in 2016 by Kunstweek.


Anyone who is interested in experiencing any of Roosergarde’s projects should understand their interactive nature. These are not your regular run of the mill inventions, instead they rely heavily on human interaction and explore the relation between people, technology and space, be it the smog free open towers or the glowing bicycle paths. Also, keep in mind that you’d have to travel to Netherlands to experience these amazing creations, so get those passports ready!


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