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In that bucket list we all make of things we need to do before we die, travelling to some exotic and fancy location with likeminded people is a common variable. Well, ASmallWorld will help you achieve this as it’s a private and international travel-cum-social club for members who can use it to build relationships and share unique experiences together. Encouraging online as well as offline interaction between all of its members, ASmallWorld offers members insider tips, upgrades, discounts and even complimentary hotel stays from more than 500 of the most well known and reputable international brands in fashion and travel.


Founded in 2004 by Erik Wachtmeister and his wife Louise Wachtmeister, it actually wasn’t until 2013 that ASmallWorld re-launched as a private and international travel oriented social club. Though the primary vision behind ASmallWorld was to create an online portal that would facilitate interaction between likeminded people, it was also founded with a goal of giving back through philanthropic initiatives, leading to the creation of ASmallWorld Foundation. Through this charity, members can tap into their generous nature and contribute to the fight for global health, education and women’s rights in developing countries.


So, if ASmallWorld has stroked your interest, here’s a heads up. Firstly, you can only join this online network through two ways. You can either join via an invite from an existing ASmallWorld member or you can submit your application to a membership committee that will review it to decide if you can become a member or not. Keep in mind that ASmallWorld has decided to cap its memberships once it reaches 2, 50,000.

On ASmallWorld, you can find over 100 city guides written by the members themselves that give reviews for different bars, restaurants and landmarks of these cities. Other features include user profiles, an online calendar, private messaging and a Geolocator tool (through which users can post their travel plans).

Another thing to keep in mind is that ASmallWorld is not just a travel portal. Here, you can take part in a variety of other activities such as buying and selling items, finding potential employees, getting a hold of some investors or ventures to invest in, and even find roommates. You can now even download ASmallWorld’s app on your iPhone or Android Smartphone.


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