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Bored and tired of seeing those common, large and cumbersome house-hold pieces of furniture made of glass and steel?  Looking for futuristic furniture that is innovative and unique? Something you would have never seen or experienced before? Well, that’s exactly what you will get at Joseph Walsh’s Studio. Walsh, a furniture designer, has taken it upon himself to design one-off pieces that are ethereal, sinuous and unique. Made mostly using thin wood, Walsh creates exquisite and innovative pieces of furniture that give the user a sense of comfort and personal space that is unmatched.


Born in 1979 in Ireland, Joseph Walsh is a self taught furniture maker and designer. There is actually a very interesting story behind Walsh’s passion of making furniture. When he was just 12 years old, he had to leave school due to an illness. Though a setback in many ways, his leaving his school ended up having one silver lining – his learning and honing his craft. As it happened, his grandfather ended up giving him his first tools, while also teaching his the basics of joinery and fret work. Using the time he would have otherwise spent in school, Walsh started using these tools to create furniture, his first finished piece being a cabinet. Traveling extensively to workshops of other designers, museums and galleries, Walsh started his honing his skills to become a better craftsman. In 1999, he opened his own studio. Jospeh has now received worldwide recognition and attention and has gotten his work included in museums and Embassy Collections.


If you are as mesmerized as I was with Walsh’s creations you’d be happy to know that there is a high level of craft that goes into every single piece he makes. In his own words, any work that Joseph creates is guided only by “the sensitive use of materials, purity in structure and excellence in making.” You can also see how appreciative Walsh is of Mother Nature, as evident in his creative approach.

If you are worried about how experienced or trained Walsh’s team is, then fret not. His team includes designers who are the cream of the crop and come from backgrounds such as the Furniture College Letterfrack (Ireland), Shinrin Takumi Juku (Japan) and Les Compagnons du Devoir (France).

You can check his website for information about any upcoming exhibitions that will be featuring his work.


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