Knock your socks off

The Constant

What you wear is such an integral expression of your personality. But we find that while most men are quite focused on shoes, they neglect that other component of footwear: socks!

Socks are an overlooked part of most wardrobes, but they don’t have to be. Go ahead and ditch the boring monotones and adopt a fresher vibe.

And the best part is you don’t even have to leave the house to shop. SoxyToes is a startup that sends spanking new pairs of socks straight to your address via an online subscription.

The Story

There are already subscription services for underwear, socks, shaving supplies in the US, but in India, the revolution is starting bottom up! Started by two Noida guys who want to give desi men “socks 2.0,” SoxyToes sends you superior foot cover directly through the mail.

It’s not just about colours and designs, though, they say the quality is better, the fabric softer, and their socks provide support and comfort at work or play.

Spruce up your look to convey the quirky character you normally keep under wraps by opting for some fun designs. Whether you go for argyle, plaid, polka dots, funky aliens, or umbrellas, they’ve got you covered for all weather and all situations. Going to the gym? Grab some ankle or low-cut socks. Heading to work? There are liners as well as no-show loafer socks.

You may need more sober hues for the boardroom but they could showcase more fun motifs. Geometric designs in yellow or parrot green could reflect your inner need for order even as you display your sense of irreverence. Or you can choose to show your true colours in neon! There’s plenty to play with whether you buy pairs from their shop or subscribe for a year’s supply.

The Real Deal

 Signing up to get fresh sock stock is really easy. The conundrum will not be whether you want them, but rather how many and how frequently. Browse their collections or visit their shop and select a la carte. With the subscription model, you can receive three pairs of socks monthly for the next three, six, or twelve months. You can select between casual and formal socks (or let them choose for you); then pick what length — ankle or calf — you’d like. Put in your address and payment details and then, if you’re impatient like us, pace while you await delivery.

Unfortunately for the ladies, there are limited varieties of unisex socks so far, but we’ll keep checking back for you and let you know.

UniQ Locate

Delivery: anywhere in India

Prices: Single pairs from Rs. 199 – 399

Soxscription: Receive three pairs monthly for three months @ Rs. 999, for six months @ Rs. 1,999 and for 12 months @3,999 payable annually or monthly.

Order online:


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