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If quirky is your thing, step right up. Have a seat, yes, right there in the boot of that old Ambassador taxi. Oh, too hard? Well, there’s a plush car seat right next to the reception desk, under the huge mural of the woman with shringhaar and a hibiscus in her hair.

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Has it struck you yet that you’re in a sort of maze of built up shipping containers?
Welcome to the Beach Box Hotel, a one of a kind boutique property made of upcycled and recycled materials. It’s novel, it’s funky, and it’s really cute!

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 The Story

From the art on the walls of the bedrooms to the beds themselves, the railings on the corridors to the benches — most everything has been repurposed or reused. Sixteen well appointed rooms with en suite bathrooms provide you with everything you need, including the one thing nobody can live without: Wifi! (You thought we were going to say TV, weren’t you? Well, worry not, they have that, too.)

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The containers have been remodeled to create larger spaces and there is air conditioning, don’t worry, but that’s probably as big an ecological footprint as you’re going to leave here. The rest, well 70 percent, is all environmentally conscientious.

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The flagship property is right on Baga beach in Goa, close to the river and the picturesque bridge. (It’s less than 500 metres away from the famous Britto’s.) And the owners plan to expand the concept and have Box hotels all over the country. Using high tech, a replicable, cost-effective strategy, and really efficient planning, they’ve also managed to keep prices low for clients! Plus, check this out, they’re addressing the problem of abandoned containers. Now, who wants to give a poor, little container a forever home? Why, Box Hotels does! See? It’s a win-win situation for all.

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We think one of the biggest joys of traveling in the tropics is the chance to sunbathe and swim. Catch the rays until you start to really feel the heat, then pop into the pool until you cool down. And rinse … and repeat.

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The public beach is all right for chilling, but the red pool here (the first of its kind we’ve seen) is much more inviting. Yes, it’s also made from a container and it’s so very cool, we challenge you to resist!

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We also love the “Food” sign above the cafe bar and we think you will, too.

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Getting there: Baga Beach is 42 kilometres from Goa airport; taxis can be arranged at the prepaid counter or the hotel can fix up a cab ride for you.

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Address: Opp Acron Waterfront Resort, On the Seaward Side of Baga Bridge, Baga, Bardez-Arpora, Goa 403516.
Contact: Call +91 88848 11177 or email


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