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The Constant

Someone once said that you’re never fully dressed without a perfume. That adage has never been truer than now in the age of consumerism. A good perfume will leave a mark and later evoke memories associated with you. And, of course, it’ll make you feel good. But for us Indians, laying our hands on really good perfume has always been a game of duty free, fat wallets and procuring international brands. All the options available to us have flashy names and flashier price tags, and we end up buying products that we use sparingly. But that changes now.

Enter All Good Scents – one of the few contemporary India-based perfume brands that is custom made for Indians, with French expertise, and at affordable prices.

The Story

India, the land of spices and herbs, has never lacked for raw material for perfumes. Since the Mughal times, every old city in the country has had an ittarwaala or two doing slow but sure business with their tiny, fragrant bottles of distilled essential oils. With raw materials such as sandalwood, jasmine and rose water, most of which are imported by international perfumeries, it’s surprising that the Indian economy still hasn’t made a substantial place for the perfume industry.

This near-vacant space is what Rajiv Sheth saw when he came up with the idea for All Good Scents.

Sheth comes from an Ahmedabad family that has exported perfume ingredients for years. A chemistry graduate, he spent three years in Paris studying the perfumery business and then another 16 working to create fragrances for established names in Paris and Grasse. When he moved back to India in 2009, he was struck by the lack of a good perfumery in a country that had such a rich heritage of fragrances and their ingredients. And that is how All Good Scents was born.

Launched in 2014, All Good Scents is a brand that offers affordable luxury to Indians. The range of 24 perfumes includes fragrances for both men and women. Each fragrance is crafted to reflect a different mood and to evoke a unique vibe. The perfumes are made in France from essential oils taken from India. The end product is packaged beautifully in India itself.

Rajiv Sheth, the “nose” and creative director of the company takes special care to ensure that each fragrance is uniquely suited to a personality type and has a character of its own. It might take him almost 2 years to come up with a new fragrance but he will make sure that the blend of base notes, top notes and heart notes in the fragrance is just perfect. This is reflected in the company’s pyramid logo.

The fragrances at All Good Scents are free of animal products and are not tested on animals. They are priced between Rs 500 to Rs 1,800, which, compared to the astronomical sums we pay for international brands of perfumes, seems too good to be true.

The Real Deal

The fragrances from All Good Scents are available exclusively online on their website. The perfumes come with descriptions and names that speak of their character. You could go for a subtle, yet sensual fragrance, a floral, playful one, or a spicy passionate one. The website also lists the fragrances that comprise the top notes, base notes and heart notes for each perfume.

If the descriptions don’t help you decide which perfume is best for you, you could order a ScentBox. This box is the perfect “try before you buy” solution and comes at a very reasonable price of Rs 199. The ScentBox has 3 testers of 2 ml each. You could choose 3 fragrances you want to try out and then later decide which one to adopt as your own.

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