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Ask anyone and they’ll easily swear by this, sports fans can be some of the most passionate, emotional and vocal people in the world. Don’t believe me? Just ask any Barca fan how important it is to win El Clasico, or just watch how passionate all Manchester United fans become during the Manchester Derby. Back home, there is an altogether different level of emotion that hijacks any India – Pakistan match, proving once again just how fiercely competitive sports fans can get. Well, you don’t need to tell the founders of Fanmode this as they’ve created a unique and innovative application that lets your voice get heard at any stadium even without you physically being present there. You can choose from a variety of different commands including a ‘Yay’, ‘No’ or even the classic ‘C’mom’! You’ll even be able to tap on your phone’s screen to send out applause or wave your team’s flag by shaking it. All the recorded reactions will then be sent to an output screen (the Vibe Board) at the stadium where the game is being played, which in turn will display these reactions live in real time!


Fanmode is a London based start-up that was founded in 2012 by CEO Neven Murugan and Commercial Director Christian Jochnick. The idea for Fanmode came to Murugan in South Africa when he couldn’t control his excitement and joy after seeing Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes score a goal. He wondered how great it would be if he could in some way thank the footballers in real time, leading to the first seeds of Fanmode getting planted in his brain.


Using Fanmode to get your presence felt at any game is very easy. For instance, all it takes is a simple swipe of your finger to send out a reaction. You can swipe up to send out a cheer or swipe down to boo. There is also a feature that lets you send out a super cheer if you’ve got enough points accumulated. It’s also highly adaptable as you can even use it as a wearable. As such you can strap your smartphone to your arm and raise it up to send out a ‘Yeah’ chant. Similarly, you can do an applauding gesture to send out applause for your team. As of now, Fandmode is in Beta in India, with test runs having been conducted for IPL matches in Mumbai and is expected to launch officially sometime next year.


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