MC 10- Your Own Portable Doctor!


What if I tell you that there’s a device out there with which being a superhuman won’t be rocket science anymore? I’m talking about MC 10, a gadget that has reshaped rigid, conventional electronics into thin, flexible devices that are stretchable, bendable and seamlessly twistable with human bodies. It is revolutionary technology that will protect your troop, treat heart arrhythmias, monitor a sleeping baby’s temperature and might one day even prevent brain seizures. This way it completely redefines the interface between electronics and the human body.


MC 10 was founded in 2008 by Professor John Rogers with the mission of making high performance electronics affordable to everyday consumers. Not only this, MC 10 is also building the best team of innovators, developers and problem solvers to develop revolutionary products that will totally change the way people think about electronics and their interaction with the human body. Its vision is to push the status quo by increasing the capabilities of the human body simply by meeting or exceeding your expectations.


If you’re interested in trying out MC10 and are worried about its affects, here’s a heads up! Firstly, you’d be pleased to know that MC10 has been approved with an ISO 13485:2003 certification for the blueprint, development, and delivery of activity and physiological monitoring devices.

Being technology driven, this gadget demands you to be tech savvy in order to overcome distance and disability in true sense. Another advantage of using MC10 is that it has a rechargeable cell that is capable of powering the patch for many hours. It also incorporates some of the most advanced battery technology in its products which has resulted in the improvement of energy storage and release.


To get more information about MC10, log on to

Address: MC10, Inc, 10 Maguire Road, Building 3, 1st Floor, Lexington, MA-02421

Web Address:

Email Id:

Contact No.: +1 617-234-4448

Category: Gadgets

Cost: $150 onwards


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