Panono: Shooting Panoramas Just Became Easier!


Remember when you couldn’t stretch your hands high enough to take a perfect panoramic photograph? Now all your troubles are gone with Panono, the Panoramic Ball Camera!  All one has to do is throw this spherical camera in the air and it’ll click beautiful full spherical panorama pictures on its own. Though it only weighs 480 grams, don’t let that fool you as it comes equipped with 36 focused cameras that capture everything in their direction (360 degrees horizontally and 360 degrees vertically).  Also, since it practically resembles a Basketball, the urge to keep tossing it in the air will always be there. Add to this its ultra high resolution of 108 Megapixels and superior zooming capabilities, and you get a truly unique and effective camera.


Launched on 12th October 2011, founder Jonas Pfeil got the idea for Panono in 2007 while travelling on the island of Tonga. During that time, clicking panoramic shots was a difficult and time consuming process as it required you to click multiple shots with a single camera and then join them together on a computer using a photo editing software. Being tired of this process, Pfeil started thinking of a concept that would make it a lot easier to take panoramic pictures from a higher vantage point. And so the first seeds of Panono’s creation were planted. Shortly after returning from his vacation, he uploaded a video on YouTube where he talked about his invention and how it would function. This clip ended up going viral with more than 3 million hits in just a matter of days, further fuelling his interest. It wasn’t long after this that, along with his friends Bjom Bollensdorff and Qian Qin, Pfeil ended up launching Panono to his and our collective delight.


So, if this little spherical ball of a camera has increased your curiosity, here’s a quick heads up from us. Firstly, daylight conditions are the most suitable for taking panoramic shots using Panono. If you are planning to take pictures indoors or in low-light situations, then we advise you to use a tripod to do the same.

You shouldn’t have any fears of running out of memory as you can store up to 600 shots in this camera. You can easily transfer all of these shots to your computer via USB or WiFi connectivity (The USB can also be used to charge its battery!). Another great feature of this camera is the ability to trigger it remotely using the Panono app available for the Andorid and iOS.


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Cost: $499.00


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