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If you are an expat living in Delhi and want to make your social life easier and better, a Primo Privilege membership card is just what you need. With more than 1200 members from 20 different countries, this club is especially for the international elite with the sole aim of providing them with an easy access to the good life in Delhi. This is the only official privilege club in Delhi that is endorsed by 6 Diplomatic Missions. Membership to this club gives you an easy access to five star places of Delhi, discounts on different brands and lets you socialize with people sharing similar tastes through their monthly Primo Supper Club Meet that includes experimental fine dine experiences and mixology sessions.


Ayesha Garewal and Prashant Kalra, founders of Primo Supper Club and Delhi Food Tours, got the idea for Primo Privilege when one of their Supper Club members wished for an exclusive group that solely catered to elite expats. Taking a cue from this, Ayesha and Prashant decided to leave their day jobs and start one such club. As they wanted to make sure that their club could be trusted for its exclusiveness, they ended up getting it endorsed by private commissions and diplomatic missions, making it the only club of its kind. With everything set in motion, the club was officially launched on May 24th 2014.


In a city that is difficult to explore for anyone coming from overseas, Primo Privilege is a blessing. Saving the expats from fraud travel guides and useless offers, this privilege club helps them choose from the most high profile places in Delhi and get exclusive discounts covering a wide array of sectors like wellness, gourmet products and deliveries, shopping, hotels, travel and leisure and, of course, food and nightlife. Along with its discount card, members can also get a voucher book which can be redeemed at various luxury brands across Delhi such as The Imperial, Air France, and The Senses Spa at Le Meridien, to name a few.

Membership for this club either comes through an invite or by applying for it through any of the endorsing commissions. In order to maintain the status quo, the selection process is not an easy one to clear.


Get an insight on more advantages, as well as the application process for this exclusive club on

Web Address: –

Category: – Discount Card

Contact: – 9560577466

Operating Hours: Not Applicable

Cost: Rs. 7000 (plus taxes) per year


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