Ressence Type 5: A Watch that Defies the Laws of Hydraulics!


Your underwater diving sessions are now going to be incomplete without this innovative watch by Ressence. The Type 5, their latest offering, offers perfect readability whenever you dive underwater, regardless of the viewing angles. Incorporating a sea turtle design that enhances pressure resistance, these 46×15.5 mm titanium grade 5 cased watches consist of dome shaped, anti-reflective sapphire crystals on their front and back, making them both, functional as well as stylish. Designed to eliminate reflection and refraction by immersing the whole mechanism in 37.5 ml of oil, the Ressence Type 5 will enhance your diving experience manifold.


Ressence, an independent watch manufacturing company, was founded in the year 2009 by industrial designer Benoit Mintiens. A resident of Antwerp, Belgium, Mintiens is the man behind the conceptualization and designing of some of the classiest watches that you can strap around your wrist.   With his brand name being the combination of the words Renaissance and Essence, Mintiens’ company has emerged as one of the biggest mechanical watchmakers in the world.

The first line of watches launched by Ressence was called Type 1. These were the first watches with no crown, flatter casing and lugs which pointed inwards. After generating a positive response, Ressence launched three successive models of Type 1, all of which too were widely appreciated. Now they’ve launched Type 5, with the motive of eliminating the hassles of clear readability while diving underwater.


So, if you’ve decided to make your diving experience more fun, here’s a heads up from our end. This watch comes with two chambers, an upper one which is filled with oil that controls the movement of the dials, and a lower one which includes a self minding mechanism. The oil used in the upper chamber helps lubricate all of the components in a way that makes them work effectively and efficiently, even in zero gravity. Additionally, this watch comes equipped with a power packed 60-jewel Ressence Orbital Convex System (ROCS) 5, made using 142 components and a 36 hour power reserve, and is responsible for its optimum performance. Do keep in mind that, as the Ressence Type 5 is sold at select stores across the world, you can log on to their website to find out which one is closest to your location. Finally, the sapphire case has been designed to support two functions; “Lock” for compressing the natural gasket, and “Set” which changes the display mechanism after every 90 seconds, making it a perfect fit for both righties and lefties.


If you interested in buying the Ressence Type 5 watch, or for more information about this product, you can log on to

Address: Meirbrug 1, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

Web Address:

Contact: +32 (0) 3 446 00 60

Category: Gadgets

Operating Hours: Not Applicable

Cost: $28885.00


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