Ringly: A Ring Equipped with Secret Skills!


Though you must be aware of smartphones and smart watches, did you have any idea about smart jewellery? Well, neither did I, till now that is! Incorporating technology more tastefully into our lives, Ringly crafts smart jewellery that keeps you connected to your smartphone effortlessly. Their jewellery is unique and innovative as it makes sure you are always up to date with any missed calls or unread messages. Additionally, Ringly’s assortment of rings is bound to add the glamour quotient to your look, making them a stylish accessory to possess.


Founded on 1st June 2013 by Christina Mercandom, the vision behind Ringly’s creation was of discretely integrating technology in our lives. This is evident as Ringly redefines how you can communicate using technology with your environment and the people around you. This was achieved with the help of Ringly’s core team that spanned multiple disciplines including hardware, software, product design and jewelry design.


As I’m sure that a gadget as unique as Ringly has caught your attention, here’s a heads up. Firstly, Ringly is designed with semi-precious and precious gemstones that are set in an 18 carat matte gold or gunmetal plated brass setting. When it comes to displaying notifications, Ringly does so in two ways. One way is through a discrete light located on the side of the ring and the other is through the use of vibration patterns.

You’d be pleased to know that Ringly is available in various sizes, making it easier to get one that is a perfect fit for you. The average range of communication between Ringly and your smartphone is around 20-30 feet. What’s more? Well, when the battery drains, you can place the ring in its accompanying ring box which also acts as a charging station.

Also, before investing in this kind of a product you must remember that Ringly only supports iOS and Android and it does not currently support Windows Phone or Blackberry devices. Lastly, though it is splash resistant, it’s not water proof.



Web Address: https://ringly.com/

Contact No.: Not Available
Email Id: support@ringly.com

Category: Fashion Accessory

Operating Hours: Not Applicable

Cost: Starting from $195.00


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