Soar, Levitate, Dive with AQUAFLY!!


Are you adventurous, love water sports and have been looking for a fantabulous experience? Well, if you have, then Aquafly is just the thing for you! It’s a flyboard that doesn’t have any armjets but rather comes equipped with boots that hold your balance. The combination of a tube, hose and a watercraft makes for a truly unique and safe experience as you end up flying high in the air thanks to the sophisticated functionality. With Aquafly, you can literally fly or dive 35 feet above or below the water. Isn’t that amazing?


Founded in 2012 by Bobby, Gretchen and Chris Vance, Aquafly has become very popular in a short span of time. The vision behind Aquafly was to take water sports to new heights, figuratively and literally! Built on a tradition of integrity, personal service and excellence, Aquafly is a part of the Hydro Sports Movement, the goal of this movement being to make Aquafly become a legitimate water sport. Additionally, Aqualy has taken it upon itself to provide the best equipment, advice, training and services available out there to stimulate the growth of this movement.


Seeing as this is something new and different in its field, here is some information you must have before trying out this remarkable accessory. Firstly, unlike other adventure sports, Aquafly doesn’t require a

certain level of fitness. If you happen to be an averagely fit person who weighs within 45 to 95 kgs, you can certainly enjoy the Aquafly adventure.

Anyone suffering from some serious health issue such as asthma or diabetes should always be carrying their medication with them before trying out Aquafly. Additionally, wearing the wet suit, helmet and life jacket are absolutely necessary for anyone planning to use it. Finally, the water bodies you can try out Aquafly on have to be, at the very least, as deep as a lake so don’t make plans of using it in your local swimming pool!

Although it’s initially going to be slightly challenging and uncomfortable, and you are certain to face a fair amount of crashing into the water, the sheer thrill of trying this exciting and unique water sport is truly worth it.


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Operating Hours: 08:00AM to 05:00PM (Monday-Friday)

Cost: $5292.00


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