Spark: Creating Electricity through Music!


Have you ever thought about a portable musical instrument that actually uses the power of music to create and provide electricity to anyone using it? Well, if you hadn’t already, now would be a good time to do so. Spark is a percussion shaker that uses one’s jamming abilities to generate electricity. It basically converts the energy a person would utilize playing it into electricity that they can later use to do various things such as charging their smartphone or plugging in a light.



Spark is the creation of Sudha Kheterpal, former percussionist of the band Faithless. While performing at multiple gigs to packed crowds, Sudha would often wonder what would happen if the large amounts of energy being produced as such gigs could somehow be harnessed and used to help out those in dire need of electricity. Additionally, she also wanted to do something that would somehow connect people and bring them closer through music. All this led to the invention of Spark. She based the concept of the shaker on the human heart as it’s considered to be a symbol of strength and courage. The outside design of the shaker itself was based on a flint, signifying new beginnings and that initial spark that is created when two flint stones touch each other.


If this innovative gadget has caught your attention, there are a few things we’d like to bring to your attention. The functioning of Spark involves a magnet that moves back and forth through the centre of a coil of copper wire because of which a current gets induced into the loops of this wire. Whenever the magnet slides, it charges a battery, making it possible for energy to be used in the future. The energy stored in Spark in the morning can later be used in the day and then again in the evening. You’d also be happy to know that whenever you buy a Spark, one more will be send to someone in need in the developing world.


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