Stay OnCourse with these Swimming Goggles!


For swimmers, the sheer thrill of going underwater, making your way through the waves or just going for a simple freestyle swim in a nearby lake is unmatched. As amazing as this experience is, getting lost or losing track of the swimming route in open waters is a big concern for swimmers. Combating this problem are OnCourse Goggles! Be it for recreation or competition, these navigation goggles are the perfect accessory for any swimmer. Utilizing the magnetic field of the earth along with LED lights to help swimmers better navigate in water, these pair of goggles are truly a must-have for professional and amateur swimmers alike!


OnCourse Goggles come embedded with an electronic compass that helps users navigate in the water. Along with this, they are also equipped with an accelerometer and a microphone that runs specially designed software. They are designed in such a way that makes using them pretty simple. All a swimmer needs to do is put these on, look towards their destination and press a button near the temple to save that destination. The goggles will do the rest! Whenever one ends up going off-course from their saved destination, OnCourse Goggles will use LED lights to get him back on track!


So, all amateur and professional swimmers whose attention we have garnered, here’s a heads up. OnCourse Goggles come with lithium-polymer battery that is rechargeable via USB and takes approximately 45 minutes to get fully charged. Additionally, the LED lights in these goggles come in two different colours, one in each eye cup. To make things even better, these goggles also come with an anti-fog coating as well as protection from ultraviolet rays.

As of now, the company is looking for around $60,000 on Kickstarter to cover their investment. Those looking for a pair of these goggles should hurry up as they might soon get out of stock.



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