Staying healthy is just a zombie away!


Were you looking for motivation to run that extra mile everyday on your treadmill?  Were you forever giving excuses for not getting up in the morning for your jogging regime? Inspiration for staying fit is hard to come by, but what if you are given a tool that will help you keep your healthy, while also making the entire routine enjoyable? Surprised? So was I, till I downloaded ‘Zombies! Run’ (an exciting fitness game available for free) on my iPhone. As I walked, jogged and ran every day, I kept my tempo not just by hearing music from my playlist, but also by speeding up while being chased by hungry zombies! Yes, you read that right! Zombies were on the loose, trying to infect the world, while I ran for my safety and accomplished missions such as rescuing survivors, defending homes and gathering supplies on the go. With more than 200 missions to complete and with the ability to sync your runs online, Zomies! Run is an innovative and exciting gaming experience that is certain to captivate one and all.


Though Zombies! Run was launched in 2011 as a paid project, UK-based developers Six to Start and award winning novelist Naomi Alderman decided to make it free-to-play after more than a million players made it an instant hit. Zombies are, no doubt, the flavour of the season with movies – such as World War Z – and television series – such as The Walking Dead – tempting people to jump into the fray to save the world. And, that’s exactly what ‘Zomibes! Run’ will let you do as well.


There are more than a million smartphone players worldwide who are currently running to save the world, while enjoying this fascinating audio drama and their favourite tunes from their playlists.  Although, available as a free-to-play, you could opt for a paid pro-membership too and unlock unlimited access to all the modes and features of the game. Also, existing players who purchased the app previously will get free access to the first three seasons as well as great discounts on taking up pro-membership.



Category: Digital

Nearest Public Transport: Not Applicable

Operating Hours: 24×7

Cost: Free

Platform: iOS, Android

Pro Membership (Month/Year): Prices may vary by region –

USD $2.99 / $19.99

EUR Euro 2.99 / Euro 19.99

GBP Pound 2.29 / Pound 14.99

Release Date: May 14, 2015


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