Sunil Gawade – The man who creates what you can’t perceive!


If I ask you what a bulb looks like, you would paint a small picture of an electrical tool providing light, won’t you? Well, for Sunil Gawade that bulb would have an inner side that’s dark and different! His paintings, sculptures and mobile installations are certain to make you look at things in a new and different light. Sunil uses scrapers and paint brushes that are used by masons to create his artwork. He applies and cuts the paint to give it a layered depth and lively texture which can be seen in all of his work


Born in 1960, Sunil Gawade has always been passionate about artistic works and this is why he took up Fine Arts as his major from Sir JJ School of Art in Bombay. Though, he was a graduate of Fine Arts and was good at the work he did, Sunil was rejected in his initial days, leading him to take up a job in The Bombay Port Trust because of his financial commitments. Though he did a normal administration job for 10 years, on the sidelines he was cultivating his craft. His patience remarkably paid off when he received The Charles Wallace Prize for his innovation and ended up getting enrolled at The Glasgow School of Arts in The United Kingdom.


The artworks of Sunil Gawade represent the harsh truths of life that are either not perceived or accepted by society. He has views on everything ranging from a simple bulb to a wiper which a normal person can’t even imagine. Since 1990, Gawade held 11 solo exhibitions of his work across the world such as ‘Blind Bulb’ in Mumbai and Delhi, ‘8 seconds ahead of time’ in Bangalore and ‘Radium Grass’ in Glasgow. His work has also been displayed in reputable exhibitions around the world like SH Contemporary (Shanghai), Pulse Miami (Miami) and ARCO 09 (Madrid).


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