Swaddle, your very own Virtual Babysitter!


From deciding what to eat for dinner to choosing which movie to watch in theatres, all decisions by parents are made keeping in mind their child’s overall development. Understanding this completely, Swaddle brings the new generation of parents up to date with information about all the latest news and trends about families, children, health, fitness, culture and even travel! Fair warning though, Swaddle is not a basic parenting guide. It will not tell you about how to use pampers, deal with puberty or which preschools are the best in your city. Instead, think of it as a portal that just made being a parent easier.


Founded in 2014, the basic inspiration behind Swaddle is something that every parent could relate to – the health and wellbeing of their children. For a parent, having a portal that could give quick access to information about their child’s proper overall development was going to make life a lot easier. The founders of Swaddle understood this completely and decided to create this very portal. Additionally, another goal behind the foundation of Swaddle was to create awareness about national and global issues affecting families, children and their health.


So for all young parents out there wanting to log on to Swaddle, take note! All of the news and trends available on the site are divided into five basic categories; Health, Learning, Parenting, Wellness and Lifestyle. This makes it easier for you to get information relating to a specific field that you might be interested in at that point of time. These main categories are further divided into multiple sub categories to make filtering of specific information a lot easier. For instance, under Health, you can find news updates about Pregnancy, Babies & Kids, Moms & Dads and Mental Health. Similarly, Lifestyle has sub categories like Things We Love, Culture, Travel and Fashion & Design.



Web Address: http://theswaddle.com/

E-mail Address: contcact@theswaddle.com

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Category: Digital

Operating Hours: Not Applicable

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