TechSling: Your Own Portable Storage!


Hasn’t it become extremely inconvenient nowadays to carry a tablet that one can’t even fit in his or her jean’s pockets? I’m sure I am not the only one who finds it extremely difficult and at times even frustrating to carry around these bulky tablets or smartphones. Well, to ward of all these problems there’s TechSling. It is a fascinating little product that can easily hold your tablet, smartphone and other smaller items in one place. As it consists of two side pockets that are neatly held together by a harness that goes behind your neck, TechSling can easily get placed beneath your arms, making it possible to either wear it openly or under a long coat or sports jacket.


According to Nathan, TechSling actually got created by accident. He had just recently bought an iPad and was practically using it for every little aspect of his daily functioning. Seeing how great his iPad usage was, he decided to buy a holster that would make it easier for him to carry it around. To his great surprise, he couldn’t find a single website that was selling holsters for his iPad. Seeing this, Nathan decided to hit the road, visited a couple of box stores and created the prototype of what would eventually become TechSling. After two weeks of using this prototype, he realized that it could actually work and decided to spend his time and efforts to further develop this project. After a year, TechSling was officially launched.


If you are happy with what you’ve read so far and have decided to get your hands on TechSling, here’s a quick headsup! The first thing to keep in mind is that it’s completely up to you to decide where you want to attach the pockets on either side of the harness. Of the two pockets, the one on your left is sized to fit your tablet, whereas the one on your right comes with a smaller upper phone pocket that is suitable for any smartphone. The lower side of this right pocket also includes a smaller zippered one that comes with pen loops. You can use this zippered pocket to hold small utility items such as spare batteries, pens, cigarettes, lighters or earphones.


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Cost: $90.00


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