The Future Book of Fashion – Fashionable Technology by Sabine Seymour


From households to work spaces, technology advancements have made their place well into our lives and there is not a single thing that lacks its impact, well everything except our clothes! Have you ever wondered what will happen if the clothes we wear are amalgamated with technologies that make them automatic so that they can adjust themselves on our body according to different conditions? Sounds insane, right? Well, surely not to Sabine Seymour!

This great book is not just any ordinary fashion book; it is the future of Fashionable Technology explained in present with relevant theories and experiments by Sabine Seymour. Though there are only 15 pages with theory discourse, they are sufficient enough for everything you would like to know about the topic. The other pages of this book have some amazing experiments and designs that showcase what the future of wearable technology would be like.


An entrepreneur, researcher, professor, designer and writer, Sabine Seymour always had the vision of attempting something innovative in the world of fashion. In 1995, when she saw Maggie Orth’s seminal firefly dress, she understood the possibility of interactive clothing. The New York based designer invested years of research and energy on suggesting what the next generation of fashion would be like and then, on May 19th 2008, published Fashionable Technology.


Though there are countless books on fashion available, this one is truly unique because it is interactive, attractive and no less than a fantasy for fashion geeks. Apart from the great contribution of Sabine Seymour, this book also consists of unpublished works of over 50 prominent designers and research institutes like Burton, Philips, NYU, MIT Media Labs, Hussein Chalayan, International Fashion Machines, Cute Circuit and many more!

The book also showcases the latest examples of wearable technology by Nike, Adidas, Apple, etc. and focuses on what it would be like to see more of fashionable technology. This book will not teach you how to make a singing hat, but you will surely be able to understand the concepts for the same.


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