The Heavyweight Champion of Gyms

The Constant

The gym culture finally seems to be seeing the light of the day here in India. But across the world, it’s been a way of life for the hip, the cool and the trendy millenials. So much so, that a regular gym – with machines, a weight area and maybe a group class area – is becoming passé. Specialized gyms – boutique gyms, if you please – are now becoming the next big thing to enroll at. But none have tackled the concept better than BXR in London. It’s not a mere boutique gym; it’s a luxuriously high-end, celebrity endorsed, world champion supported boutique gym. And the usp is its boxing ring.

 The Story

We live in a time when fitness has become a big, big business. Activewear, sports shoes and accessories have evolved to become fashionably high-end. So have gyms and BXR is trailblazing the way towards that. It’s the world’s first high-end boxing gym and has two floors – over 12,000 square feet – of state of the art equipment and a gorgeous boxing ring. BXR was launched in January 2017 and is set in Marylebone, near Baker Street, a posh area in London.

BXR is endorsed by heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua, who is also a founder and an investor. The founding committee reads like a who’s who list – music producer Mark Ronson (remember Uptown Funk?), boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, businessman Andre Balazs and Victoria’s Secret supermodels Sara Sampaio and Maryna Linchuk are on it and are actively involved in the promotion and activities at BXR. The trainers are all professionally trained athletes or have trained professional athletes.

But even though BXR is a boxing boutique gym, boxing is not all that it offers. If you join in, you’ll not only be trained in combat disciplines like kickboxing and Muay Thai, but will also be given specialized strength and conditioning classes. Apart from that, there’s circuit training, group classes, boxing fitness and boxing lessons. BXR includes a clinic that offers rehabitilation and a juice and salad bar that boasts one of the best varieties of health food. And of course, nutrition advice is provided to members by the best nutritionists in the business.

BXR wants you to train like a champion. The top-notch training they provide is further accentuated by the world-class facilities that they offer. The interior of the gym could be a posh gentlemen’s club. They’ve taken the industrial look and turned it into a timeless ambience. Designed by Bergman Interiors, the gym gives you the feeling of already having accomplished something by just walking in. The ground floor, industrial in its look, has an upraised boxing ring – set like a stage since it IS supposed to be the focus of attention here. This is supplemented by cutting edge gym equipment, the finest probably that can be found in the city. The lower ground floor has saunas, studios, changing rooms, a clinic and the juice bar. There are antique mirrors and plush leather sofas. The atmosphere of the lower ground floor is in stark contrast to that of the upper floor, but both blend together beautifully and seamlessly to create an aesthetic which is unique and inspirational.

The Real Deal

You could probably lose weight and become fitter in any other gym with just a little bit of dedication. But BRX is more than just about wanting to lose weight and toning up your body. It’s about strength, it’s about endurance and it’s about venturing into a sport that appears to be only blood and gore. It’s about adopting a lifestyle that focuses on every aspect of your physicality. At BRX, you’re not just a regular fitness enthusiast – you’re a champ. Of course, the ambience helps. (Bragging rights help too – after all, you’ll be training with celebrities and Victoria’s Secret models.)

All this comes at a hefty price tag, as expected. You have to deposit a fee of 150 pounds to enroll and then onwards it is 150 per month. Or you could pay 1500 for the year. Is it worth it? For such a unique way to train – hell, yes.


Where: BXRLondon, Chiltern Street, London W1U 5QY


Timings: Monday – Friday: 06:30 am – 21:30 am

Saturday: 08:00 am – 20:00 am

Sunday: 08:00 am – 18:00 am



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