The music festival that is all heart, literally!


There are so many music festivals these days, it’s hard to know where to go. But this Easter weekend, make a trip into the hills for an incredible lineup of musicians, artists, and even stand up comics, all served up with some fantastic food, a great bar, and the best natural acoustics you could imagine. Plus there’s that view and the pristine mountain air!

If that weren’t enough, consider the underlying cause behind the event: The Kasauli Rhythm and Blues Festival is all heart — literally.

The heart of it

This is the 7th edition of the three-day music fest organized by the Genesis Foundation and all the money they raise goes towards a good cause.

The Genesis Foundation is a non profit organization that works to provide medical assistance and support to underprivileged children who are born with heart disorders. They work with hospitals, families, and the kids themselves to make sure they have enough information, assistance, intervention and care to become self sufficient and healthy.

In 2012, the foundation held its first annual music festival to raise awareness as well as funds through donors who appreciate live music and wanted to escape the madness of the city. Previous artists have included Usha Uthup, Shilpa Rao, the Kutle Khan Sufi Collective and Leslie Lewis. This year promises to be bigger and better.


This year’s festival features stalwarts from the live music scene as well as up and coming bands, plus workshops and interactive sessions.

Musicians worth checking out are Parvaaz, a band that blends folk, blues and psychedelia; Popular acoustic band Unplugged is sure to be a crowd pleaser with their covers of contemporary and retro Hindi and English hits. Indi rocker Suraj Jagan (you’ve probably heard his songs in a few Bollywood films) will also take the stage, as will Bangalore band Thermal and a Quarter. For a change of pace, the bubbly When Chai Met Toast could well be your cup of tea!

Comic Anshu Mor will also be performing. And if you’re tired of just watching and listening, join the Nagara drumming workshop or learn to “Nach with Nikki”.

Plus, it’s probably worth the trip just to try their gulab jamun-bun sandwiches!

Zoom in

If you’re considering the Kasuali Rhythm & Blues festival, your heart’s in the right place.

Where: Baikunth Resorts, Kasauli. Village Chabbal, P.O. Garkhal, Tehsil Kasauli, Solan, Himachal Pradesh 173201

When: 14:00 hours on March 31, 2018 to 10:00 hours on April 1, 2018

Cost: Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 9,500

Tickets: You can purchase passes online at

Tip: If you’re looking or posting on social media, use the hashtag #BeatsForAHeart


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