The Next Superfood: Camel Milk

The Constant

A third of our planet is desert land: shimmering sand dunes, scrub forests and little vegetation. But the one animal that thrives in the vast drylands is the camel. So, is it any wonder that desert dwellers everywhere depend on it for so much? Not just for transport and leather, but also for sustenance from its milk!

Indeed, camel milk is a mainstay for many cultures. It is highly nutritious and has been found more beneficial than many foods, let alone milk produced by cows, sheep and goats. In fact, sales for this new superfood are picking up wildly in the US and UK.

In India, many of Rajasthan’s native tribes are camel herders and it is from there that the folks at Aadvik Foods are sourcing camel milk for everyone who wants it across India.

The Story

It all started when engineer Hitesh Rathi met some camel herders in his hometown of Bikaner. Though he lived abroad at the time, he got interested in the potential of camel milk as a more powerful, beneficial dairy alternative to buffalo and cow milk. Fast forward a few years, Rathi noticed how it was becoming widely popular abroad. Recognizing an opportunity as well as access to a tappable source, he ultimately started talking to the same herders and set up Aadvik, which means ‘unique’ in Sanskrit.

The company’s main goal is to bridge the gap between demand and supply for camel’s milk as well as to educate the mainstream about this neglected elixir.

The Real Deal

While there are claims that camel’s milk is beneficial to people who live with autism, osteoporosis and even diabetes, the best reasons to drink it are the ones that we can prove without a doubt: it is very high in calcium, contains vitamin C and iron which cow’s milk does not contain, and has more minerals as well. Additionally, because it has different milk proteins, it can more safely be consumed by people with milk allergies and lactose intolerance.

Aadvik makes sure the milk camels are conscientiously cared for and only fed local, natural flora by the indigenous tribes who raise them and herd them.

They can ship products across India in various forms: You can order 200 ml plastic bottles of ready-to-drink camel’s milk or you can order it in a freeze-dried powder form; 2 tablespoons in 200 ml of warm water will give you a glass of milk. The milk is easy to store and all the variations have long shelf lives.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also try chocolates and even bath soap made using camel’s milk.


 While the milk comes from dunes spread all across Rajasthan, the processing and pasteurising is done in a centralized processing plant. They’re currently delivering to all major cities.

Purchase: For milk, you’ll have to either ring them or talk to a representative in an online chat through their website and they will tell you the cost for the milk and shipping it to you based on your location. Milk powder, chocolate and soap are available in their online store.

Prices: About INR 200 for 200 ml of fresh milk; the rest of the products have different prices.

Online shopping:

#ProTip: There are introductory sales on all the freeze dried milk powder currently.


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