These Chocolates are Oh-So Healthylicious!!


Believe it or not, eating chocolates can now finally be considered as being guilt free, thanks to Ohso. Having multiple health benefits without compromising on taste, Ohso are pro-biotic Belgian chocolates that usually come in sets of 14 individually wrapped bars that only contain 72 calories per bar. What makes them so unique, however, is the use of more than a billion Lactobacillus and Bifid bacterium live cultures (also known as good bacteria) in their manufacturing. No, don’t get freaked out, as it’s these bacteria only that make these chocolates so healthy.


The co founders of Ohso, Andrew Marten and Richard Thompson created these chocolates in January 2011. This idea of creating a chocolate that would contain live bacteria emerged as a result of Andrew having been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). While conducting a research to help find ways of easing the symptoms of IBS, Andrew and Richard made a remarkable discovery. They found out that the contribution of good bacteria was greatly helpful in aiding the human immune system and, by extension, easing the symptoms of IBS. As both Marten and Thompson already had a prior investment in a business of chocolates, the idea of creating pro biotic chocolates came naturally to them.


So if you’ve gotten interested in trying out these pro biotic chocolates, here’s a heads up. Firstly, you should keep in mind that the price of Ohso’s dark chocolates without added sugar is more expensive than the ones containing sugar. Additionally, orders costing more than £15.00 have no delivery charges and can be cancelled so long as they haven’t been dispatched. Also, you won’t be able to track your order as Ohso uses Royal Mail’s 24 hour service.

Moreover, if you are not happy or satisfied with the taste or quality of these chocolates and if you have only consumed a maximum of 1 out of the 7 bars, then simply return the unused portion and you would be refunded within 14 days. This is applicable only when these chocolates are bought directly from

Ohso goody bars are suitable for vegetarians and ONLY “No Added Sugar” dark chocolate bars are appropriate for diabetic patients. These dark chocolates without added sugar come in three different flavours – Original, Lemon and Raspberry.


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Cost: Depends on the type of chocolate


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