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The whole experience of travelling just got a lot easier with Dufl. Ask anyone who has ever gone on a vacation and they will all tell you that getting their clothes ready and packed for the trip is one of the most time consuming tasks to undertake. Understanding this completely, Dufl makes things more convenient by providing a personal valet that will ship, clean and store your attire for you! Storing your clothes in a virtual closet, Dufl lets you pack all your clothes at your fingertips through its app! This means that you won’t have to worry about packing your clothes or carrying those heavy bags while travelling as your clothes will already be waiting for you at your destination. Travelling just became a lot more effortless!


Dufl is an Arizona based company that was founded by CEO Bill Rinehart. Making sure that the tedious task of packing clothes becomes simpler, Bill made sure that using Dufl is easy as can be. All you have to do first is register with it. To do this, first you need to download the Dufl app from your iOS App Store or Google Play Store and create a new user account. Doing so will make Dufl send you a suitcase which you’ll have to fill with a set of clothes that you’d normally wear when travelling. Using the app, you’ll need to schedule Dufl to come pick up this suitcase that they will later store in their warehouse. This is where the fun begins. Anytime you wish to travel, you can use the Dufl app to select clothes from your virtual closet, fill in your destination and arrival date and your clothes will be waiting there for you, good as new.



As soon as you register a new account on Dufl, you’ll get a free gift inside your bag. Also, you don’t have to worry about how secure your clothes are going to be as the storage facility at Dufl comes with 24×7 state of the art security, including art tracking and inventory systems. Standard shipping is done within three days. Overnight shipping is also available, albeit at an extra cost of $50 dollars each way.



Web Address:

E-mail Address:

Contact No.: 1-844-383-5224

Category: Travel Service

Operating Hours: Not Applicable

Cost: $10.00 (Per month for Virtual Closet), $99.00 (Standard Round Trip)


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