Use your Artistic Soul to Design a Stylish Sole!


By now, we all are pretty aware of the different pros and cons of online shopping. Having spent enough time on the likes of FlipKart and Amazon, we are well versed with the entire process that goes behind selecting and purchasing something online…or are we? Pikk Pack makes things refreshing by putting a spin on online shopping. At Pikk Pack, you can actually create your own footwear and then purchase it. No, you didn’t read that wrong. Pikk Pack is a DIY shoe that is designed for creative people who want to create their own footwear. Be it the material of the sole, its colour or the shade of shoe laces being used, it’s up to you to decide how you want to design your shoe. Shopping online had never been so exciting!


Pikk Pack shoes are the creation of Hungarian desinger Sara Gulyas. Gulyas, who comes with more than 10 years of experience in leather design, had been experimenting with footwear for a long time. After trying out many different things, Sara decided to create a product that would be high on conservation and not require a large amount of raw materials. She also wanted to make something that involved a higher level of customer participatin. All this led to the creation of Pikk Pack. She credits the traditional Hungarian shoe bocskor as the insipiration behind this idea. This can also explain why she decided to name her line of footwear ‘Pikk Pack’ as it can roughly be tranlsated to “It’s a piece of cake” in Hungarian.  Kickstarter helped make Sara’s dream become a reality in May 2014 and now she’s sold hundreads of shoes around the world!


So for all those who have gotten interested in creating their own shoes at Pikk Pack, here’s a heads up! Firstly, all shoes sold at Pikk Pack are unisex and are made only using the highest quality of water buffalo leather that happens to be around 0.08 inch thick. This happens to be an extremely organic material and, as such, is able to adapt to changing temperature easily. Secondly, Pikk Pack shoes use vegetable tanned cowhide to make their shoes, which are roughly around 0.2 inches in thickness.

The estimated shipping time is roughly going to be around 10 to 15 days, with all shipments being made from Hungary. Do keep in mind that all shipments to countries outside of the European Union are going to be subject to additional VAT and import duties. As such, the cost for a pair of Pikk Pack shoes will vary for different countries. If you aren’t happy with what you’ve got, there is 30 days exchange/refund policy in place, so long as you return your product in its original packaging along with its invoice.


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