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The Constant

Heard about Jojoba (pronounced ho-ho-ba) oil? We bet that if you scan the toiletries in your bathroom, you’re bound to come across at least one product that proudly claims to contain it. Yes, that’s how extensively it’s used in cosmetic products and toiletries. And that’s mainly because Jojoba oil is the closest you’ll get to the natural sebum that your skin produces. But why use chemically laden products that have a tiny amount of Jojoba oil when you can get an entire bottle of the purest form of the oil? Desert Splendour is the only Indian brand that bottles pure, cold-pressed Jojoba oil and once you start using it, it’ll change your beauty and skincare regime forever.

The Story

The Jojoba plant is native to California and Mexico. Native Americans used it as a salve for wounds and burns. (We bet some enterprising women used it for purposes other than that too!) In India, it appears that the deserts of Rajasthan have the ideal climate for the plant. The Rajasthan government has been encouraging farmers in the state to grow it. They’ve even nicknamed it “desert gold”. The farmers grow the plant, collect the seeds and sell them off to be used by various companies who use the oil in their products.

But there’s one plantation that not only grows the plant but also extracts the oil from the seeds. They sell that oil to corporations that require it, but they also bottle it in its purest form and retail it online under the brand Desert Splendour. And it sure is the splendour of our desert – Shiv Mann Singh, the co-founder of the brand, is happy to extol its virtues to anyone who’s interested. According to him, Jojoba oil is the perfect natural supplement that can be used for skin care and it has multiple applications for other body parts too.

The Desert Splendour plantation is located near Bikaner in Rajasthan. About 60 acres of land are dedicated to growing the Jojoba shrub. And 2 hours away from the plantation, lies the nursery and their production unit. The Jojoba seeds, which mature in May or June, are handpicked, sorted and transported to the production unit. Here, they are fed into German pressing machines that extract the golden oil from them. The oil is then filtered and packed.

The Real Deal

In India, the benefits of Jojoba oil are relatively unknown since it is a new player in the beauty game here. But its fantastic effect on skin and hair has to be seen to be believed. It smoothens the skin and moisturizes it, de-frizzes hair, treats acne, clears dandruff, works like magic on stretch marks, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, soothes sunburnt skin – all this without being sticky as most oils are prone to be!

Need we say more? Ah, we might as well!

Jojoba Oil contains vitamins E, A, B1, B2 and B6 and also a host of antioxidants. It’s the closest replica of the oil our skin produces naturally. And to top it all off – it’s virtually odorless! You can apply it as an after-shower moisturizer without worrying about it being sticky or smelling funny. Oh, and Desert Splendour is cold-pressed – did we say that before? – which means that it comes to you pure,  unprocessed and free of any additives and chemicals.


We were totally sold by that last bit and promptly ordered our bottles of this desert gold! If you want yours too, you can find Desert Splendour on Amazon and Flipkart. It comes in two variants – pure jojoba oil and lavender infused jojoba oil (who wouldn’t want a magic oil that smells of lavender?) A 200 ml bottle costs Rs 799 while a 50 ml bottle will cost Rs 410.

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